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The New Sweet Dreads as of 7.24.01..... What do ya think?

This site is based on tips, techniques, and feedback from dreadheads all over the world. These knotty kids have tried a lot of stuff to start dreadlocks in their strait hair, and Sweet Dreads will tell you what works. How your dreadlocks turn out depends on a lot of things, and we will help you decipher what techniques will work for you..... Enjoy, Paul.

8.12.01 One Big Addition

The Member section is up. Hooray.. It has taken a little more time than I thought it would.. I was working on a system for getting all your pages up fast, while making it easy on myself. If you have any problems with the new Members area, let me know...

Other things I'm working on..

Sweet Dreads will be moving.. Freeservers(my site host) has started bandwidth metering.. This means that SweetDreads will only be viewable for about 10 days a month, unless I pay for more bandwidth.. To be honest I don't really have the funds to spend on this site, so I'm taking it somewhere else.. If you know of a good free web site host, let me know.
I have been toying with the idea of putting links to my old SweetDreads sites. I just thought it would be fun for some of you to see where SweetDreads all started, and how it grew.


Random Member

A great live music feed.
Listen while you surf.


Sweet Dreadlocks is a dreadlocks site
all about Dreadlocks.. I want you to be
knotty and have nice fatty Dreadlocks..
Dont be affraid to lock up your hair
dreadlocks are fun. if you get, start, or
make dreadlocks, dreads, I'm sure you'll
be a nappy happy dread head.. Do it for
you and your hair... Later, Paul.....
the dreadlocks kid.. hahah.. I do it for
dreadlocks and the dreading

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